Digital identities and digital security

Teachers and students need to protect their identity. This is known as digital security. Something I have personally adjusted after studying this topic. This was completed simply by changing passwords, adjusting privacy settings and clearing cache from the computer. Students will need to be made aware of consequences surrounding digital identity such as online bullying and identity theft (Tranberg, 2013).

As a future teacher, I need to consider my reputation being defined by any online profile I may have. If necessary I can have several digital identities to divide my private identity and professional identity (Tranberg, 2013). I will also need to educate my children about digital identity and security. They need to be aware that their online identities will be visible to any employers who hit the search button. Before they even go to an interview, the employer has probably already created a social profile of them, because they can (Tranberg, 2013).

As an experiment, I decided to ‘google’ search my full name. Although the results that appeared were limited, it was alarming to see how easily my personal information can be available to anyone online. This collection of personal data, also known as Digital Identity, is available because I put it there. I left that digital footprint online the moment I hit ‘post’ on facebook, the moment I uploaded that photo on instagram, websites I have visited and emails I have sent. This is how I am going to be portrayed. Joaquin Jutt’s (2009) video was a huge eye opener. When you make your personal information available online, you are risking your privacy.


Jutt, E, J. (2009, September 22). Common sense media: digital footprint intro . Retrieved from

Tranberg, P. (2013, October 4). Fake It – to control your digital identity: Pernille Tranberg at TEDxOxford . Retrieved from


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